5 Healthy Options for Your Easter Basket

Ask anyone what they imagine pulling out of Easter eggs this season and they’ll likely give you traditional answers…


Chocolate bunnies.

Marshmallow peeps.

How did Easter become so candy-centric? That’s not to say you must ban candy from your holiday celebration and stuff your child’s eggs with broccoli trees and carrot sticks. But the truth is, there are plenty of healthy options out there that you can use to dilute the amount of candy your child receives without making them feel deprived.

To help, we’ve gathered 5 of our favorite healthy Easter basket options that taste great without all the sugar and fillers.

Dyed Easter Eggs

You likely dyed a dozen or so real eggs for the holiday…why not include some of those instead of candy-stuffed plastic eggs in your baskets? Hardboiled eggs are a great snack! They have only 78 calories and provide 6 grams of protein along with important vitamins and amino acids.

Nut Butter Packets and Fresh Fruit

These days you can find a variety of delicious nut butters—including peanut, almond, and macadamia—in individually packaged portions that are perfect for drizzling over fruit (we love the flavored options from Justin’s Nut Butters!)

Toss a few different flavored packets into your child’s basket along with an apple and/or banana for a healthy and tasty treat!

Organic Snack Crackers

Why not add a little savory in with the sweet? These delicious snack crackers by Horizon are made with organic wheat and cheese and offer the perfect amount of crunch in every bite.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Dipping fresh fruit in melted chocolate is a great way to mix a little sweet with a whole lot of goodness.

We love this recipe from Clean Food Crush because they make their own chocolate dip with heart-healthy dark chocolate and coconut oil…genius! Dip your fruit of choice into the chocolate then roll in dried coconut or nuts. Your kids will go bananas for this easy-to-make treat!

Dried Fruit

If dipping fruit in chocolate the night before Easter sounds like too much work, consider adding dried fruit to your child’s basket. Banana chips fit perfectly into smaller plastic Easter eggs, while snack-sized, zip-top bags can hold portions of dried apple slices in larger eggs. Choose any dried fruit your child loves…dehydrated mango and pineapple are absolutely delicious!…and encourage them to dunk their dried slices into the contents of one of those nut-butter packets you so kindly provided.

And if you find yourself with room to spare in the baskets you’re stuffing, why not throw in a few extras that will get your kiddos moving, like:

We hope these ideas help you expand your definition of Easter treats.

Easter is about joy, and happiness, and springtime renewal. From all of us here at Robin B. Studios, we wish you and your family a joy-filled Easter holiday!


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